Saturday, November 13, 2010

DDC - Final Sketch

This guy's pretty lost. He's spent hours upon hours, maybe even days crawling on his hands and knees through who knows how many shafts trying to find a way out. Though he might have been injured during his previous days wandering the dungeon, now the palms of his hands and knees to feet are torn, bloody, and probably infected from climbing through grime. His pants are shredded, his footwear mostly gone, and after an eternity of crawling it really, really, hurts to stand. Unfortunately, he finds himself in what might be the absolute lowest portion of the dungeon, which, though once cavernous, has since caved in many places. He pauses a moment to rest, fighting fatigue, delirium, and pain. Water drips down from the cracks above and his lantern sputters.

Anywho, lots of work to do on this yet, but this is what I'll be working toward the final with.

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