Sunday, August 30, 2009

Creature Sculpt Test1

Just a quick test from last week. I had it in mind to do half skin and half muscle and bone, like one of the prehistoric displays in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, but I think I've gotten enough out of this guy. I've never used Super Sculpy so this was a nice test. The thing baked really well, though, and I was both surprised and delighted.

I did not snap any images of the armature or body base, for this one or the one I'm working on now. The first few images are from figuring out the body, followed by the addition of the face, feet, and details. The last image is of the critter baked.

I ended up straying from the original sketch slightly - moreso at the addition of the skin patterning, which does not match the sketch aesthetic.

As far as learning to use the materials, the test was great! As far as keeping to the original sketch, that part was 50/50 - since it was for fun I didn't feel the need to duplicate it exactly. Accuracy will be a bit more important in the next one.